A guide to the 1-3-2-6 system

This is a nice little system as it keeps you winning small regular bets. Like all other systems it is not unbeatable and requires luck. The main principle of this system is that you bet two units to win ten.

Start by betting one unit. Let's say you start with $1. If you win, you leave the stake while adding another unit, which leaves you with $3. If you win the second time, you will have $6. You then take away $4 which means your third bet is $2. If you win again, you add $2 to your stake and winnings which means your total stake for the fourth round will be $6. If you win this last time you get $12, i.e. your winnings will be $14. If you do not win four times in a row without a loss the following options apply:
If you win the first but lose the second you will have lost a total of $2.
If you win the two first but lose the third round your total winnings will be $2.
If you win the three first and lose the fourth round you will end up even.

Let's say you play six times and five of the times you lose on the second round, if you win four rounds in a row the sixth time you end up even.

This system allows you keep track of your bets while improving your chances of winning. As we've already said, no system is unbeatable and this is no exception. On the other hand, it is better to have some kind of strategy rather than bet your money haphazardly without any sort of plan.