Sic bo is a turn-based dice game that is popular in Asia, and originated in China. It is also known as ’tai sai’ and ’dai sui’.

Chinese immigrants brought the game to the United States during the early 1990s, and it soon became popular among both Americans and Europeans. Now you can play sic bo at an online casinos for both play money and real cash.

Sic bo – game rules

Sic bo uses a special wagering table and three dice. Players bet on the dice combination they believe with come up once the dice have been shaken or tossed. In real casinos, the dice are enclosed within a special container. The container is then shaken, or a button is pressed that causes the bottom of the container to jump, which in turn causes the dice to bounce around until they settle.

Online, the dice toss is performed by the computer. For the player, there are a number of different betting options, and each has different odds attached to it. For example, you can bet on a specific set of three identical numbers being tossed. For this, the odds you receive are 180:1.

Bets in sic bo

One of the more popular betting options in sic bo is the so-called ’small bet’ / ’big-bet’. With these bets you are gambling on the total being ’small’ (from four to ten) or ’large’ (eleven to seventeen). You may also, for example, bet on specific combinations of the dice, and whether they form a double or a triple.

You can also bet on the total of all three dice, and certain other dice combinations. All the available bets and associated odds are printed on the sic bo wagering table. You can see which odds are the most favourable to the player – the odds offer may change from casino to casino, so hunt around online to find the casinos that offer the most favourable odds.

For the ’big’ or ’small’ bet there is a 48.6 percent probability of either of these bets coming up. The payment you receive back is typically 1:1. Landing a specific triple has a 0.46 percent chance of occurring, and the odds are the highest available, at 180:1.

Where to play sic bo

Sic bo can look complicated, initially, but you will quickly get used to the game. It is very easy to learn, and is similar to roulette except that dice are used instead of a roulette wheel. You will be able to play sic bo for play money, which is the ideal way of getting used to the rules. Once you really understand what you are doing, you can move on to real money if you so wish.

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