Anyone who thinks that playing at a mobile casino might be something for them are probably on the right track. If you like the thrill of playing on a regular land based casino, or an online casino, you’re at the right place. The mobile casino game experience is one that is filled with a whole lot of fun, and is also available no matter where you are. Mobile casino games come in all shapes and sizes, and all with a chance for the player to log out with more money than they had when they logged in.

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Who can play mobile casino?

The world of mobile casinos are open to anyone who are able to log onto a casino through a mobile allows you to enjoy and play your favourite games, like a casino on your mobile. The most common devices are a smartphone or a tablet, and they both work just fine. Other than that, you will only need a player account at a mobile casino site – which really is most regular casino sites. That’s how easy it is to get started!

Mobile casinos such as smartphone casinos, iPhone casinos and android casinos has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. Most casino sites are offering them. Sometimes you will just need to enter the casino site through your mobile device like a , and you will automatically be redirected to a mobile adjusted version of the site. Some casino sites has chosen to offer casino apps instead, which you can access with just one click once you have downloaded them. In other words – as long as you have some kind of mobile device, you can take part of the world of entertainment that mobile casinos comes with!

The wonders of technology was what first started the revolution of playing casinos on your device. First, the online casino games grew large and popular. People played with desktop computers, but they wanted to move on and be more free. Once the smartphones became a popular thing, the casinos understood what to do. Make the casino games available for the mobile devices, and they will reach many more people. So they did, and today almost all of the casino sites offers a possibility to play via a mobile device, like tablet or phone.

Why mobile casinos?

Due to mobile devices becoming a household item, it’s not really to anyone’s surprise that mobile casinos has grew over the last time. Online players, like other people, doesn’t always have access to their computers. This means that online gambling could only be accessed from home in front of a computer. Mobile phones were the solution to the problem. Most people carry them with them wherever they go, which gives players constant access to the gambling sites.

You won’t have too be bored on the subway, bus or at lunch anywhere again. With the mobile casino technology you will always be carrying entertainment with you in your pocket. Connect to the internet and start playing – internet connection and a mobile device is the only two things you need! Experiment with new slots, check out the offers and make deposits and withdrawals easily and lean, anywhere and anytime you want.

Mobile casino games

It’s a common prejudice that the game range of a mobile casino is smaller than it is on online casinos. Most of the times though, this is far from the truth. The range of mobile casinos are, usually, equivalent to the range offered on the casino’s online site. Also, the game developers has really begun to create really good mobile games. It’s now more common than unusual that new slot games are released in two different versions. One made to suit desktops, and one optimised for mobile device screens.

The fact that game developers takes the time to optimise their games to fit the screens of mobile devices is a solid proof of how big mobile casinos has grown to be. Before, the games were optimised to suit the smaller screens, some of the gaming experience was lost due to the small screen. Now however, the games are adjusted to fit the smaller screen. And to give the full experience of course – although in a smaller package.

Widely available

Today, the majority of all casino games are available both on desktop and for mobile devices. Some of them are a bit modified and made with fewer reels and fewer options. This is simply to make the experience as good as possible and cut down on the unnecessary functions. In some games, playing on a desktop, you can change the amount of paylines and coin value. In most mobile games, the paylines are often pre decided and cannot be changed. The bonus features and coin value might also be changed, to make the game more suiting and user friendly.

Don’t get us wrong – the games aren’t changed beyond recognition. You still have the true feeling of your favourite game, except for a few changes. The small changes are simply made to fit the smaller screen and more compressed space for using the slot. Play it with headphones and make yourself comfortable, and you’ll feel as excited as you normally do when playing. The difference here is that it’s much easier to be where you want when you want, and still get the rush from playing that favourite slot.

Mobile casino bonus

One of the perks of playing at mobile casinos are the mobile casino bonuses that comes with it! Casino bonuses is nothing new, online casinos has been offering them for years. However, the gambling sites has started to offer special bonuses exclusively for their mobile players. As an example, you might be rewarded with a mobile casino no deposit bonus just for signing in to a mobile casino for the first time!

There are a ton of different kinds of casino bonuses available out there. That goes for almost all of the casinos online. Some casinos also has campaigns where you earn more points or get bigger bonuses if you play via a mobile device. It’s an easy way to get higher on the scoreboard and get closer to the winning positions. The only difference is playing via you tablet or phone. Some of the campaigns are actually only valid for the mobile players. This makes it perfect if you already play a bit on your mobile device.

Play mobile casino for free

Just like casino games on a desktop, you can sometimes get the opportunity to play mobile casino games for free, just like a casino on your phone. Whether it’s a mobile casino free spins gift that you use, or just in demo mode in-game. The possibilities are many and we have a lot of information about free casino games. Here, you can find where you might be able to find more ways to play for free. Sometimes the casino sites offers a few free spins for their mobile players, which makes it beneficial for you as a mobile player. You might get some free bets, free spins or just extra money to spend on your favourite games. It’s a great way to get to know the casino, just as it is a great way to win some extra money!

Mobile casino developers

As we said earlier, there is a lot of casino games available for the mobile devices. To hold this up, a lot of developers are needed to continuously make new and exciting games. Some years ago, it was not that regular to see a lot of developers for mobile casinos. There was a few that made games specifically for the mobile devices.

As the technology moves at high speed, there is more and more new inventions that helps in programming. As an example, Yggdrasil Gaming is using a very well-developed platform to ease the work with optimising the games for mobile devices as well. With this program, they can make the program suitable and optimal for the desktop players. The program then makes it automatically adapted to the other devices. When a change needs to be done, it’s enough to change it in one version and the rest will follow. It speeds up the process extremely, and makes it a whole lot easier for the developers. This also gives more time for the developers to create new games, update the older ones and make the games more interesting to their players.

Yggdrasil Gaming is not the only ones that work with this technique. Developers like iSoftBet and others use the same kind of program, but developed especially designed for their games and needs. Thanks to this, we as players gets mote fun time playing and more games to choose from. We also get much better player experience in the games.

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