The ten biggest casino cities in the world

Check out the world’s 10 largest casino cities. Maybe one of the cities on the list will surprise you?

Many people find casinos to be fascinating places. In addition to the potential for huge financial gains, they draw attention with their opulent, glamorous and exciting ambiance. However, where are the world’s top casinos located? Which cities have established themselves as the epicenters of casinos?

The top 10 casino cities in the world will be listed in this article, with rankings determined by a combination of tourist volume, casino count, and gaming income. Starting with the tiniest casino cities on the list, we shall work our way down to the biggest. Come on over!

Casino chip with the text Paradise Island and Nassau

10. The Bahamas’ Paradise Island and Nassau

  • Two sizable casinos are present
  • Annual gaming revenue: around $140 million
  • 4.2 million tourists come each year, albeit not all of them go to casinos

The Bahamas’ Paradise Island and Nassau draw visitors for more reasons than just their white sand beaches and azure waters. These are also a few of the most well-known casino experiences in the Caribbean.

Paradise Island sits just outside Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. The most well-known gambling location in the area, Atlantis, is a luxurious resort located there. This resort is a favorite among gamblers because it has a sizable casino, upscale lodging, fine dining options, and water parks. The casino offers a wide variety of games, including table games, slots, and betting. There are some table games that may be played by the pool for people who would rather not sit inside.

Over the years, significant poker tournaments have also been held at Atlantis Resort. Therefore, it has become a well-liked destination for poker players.

There are plenty different casinos in Nassau from which to select. A well-known example is the Baha Mar Casino, which is a component of a sizable resort complex. But the city also has a number of more intimate, smaller casinos and gaming clubs. figures indicate that the annual gaming profits generated by the casinos on Paradise Island and Nassau amount to approximately $140 million. With an annual visitor count of about 4.2 million, Paradise Island and Nassau are the most frequented places in the Bahamas.

Casino chip with the text Sun City

9. South Africa’s Sun City

  • There is one casino
  • Annual revenue from gaming: Imprecise
  • Annual visitor count: More than a million, including those who do not just visit casinos

One of the most well-known and frequented gaming destinations in South Africa is Sun City. Actually, throughout all of Africa. Sun City resort provides a variety of family-friendly entertainment options and activities. The casino offers a variety of table games and slot machine games with betting options for all budgets and stake levels. There are exclusive VIP rooms where high rollers can play.

Naturally, Sun City offers more than just gambling; it’s a great place to visit for people interested in experiencing the natural beauty and rich cultural heritage of South Africa. Pilanesberg National Park, which is close by, offers safari opportunities to view the renowned Big Five (lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo, and leopard).

Casino chip with the text Sydney

8. Sydney, Australia

  • There are roughly five casinos
  • Annual gaming revenue: Not sure
  • Over 4 million foreign visitors visit each year, albeit not all of them go to casinos

One of the biggest casino cities in the world is located in Sydney, Australia, on the other side of the planet. The city’s gardens, beaches, and opera theater are arguably its most well-known features. However, Sydney also boasts a few sizable, well-known casinos that draw tourists from throughout the world.

The Star and Crown Sydney are two of the city’s biggest casinos. Both are found in huge hotel complexes where guests can enjoy fine dining, shopping, and other amenities in addition to having fun with games

Casino chip with the text Reno

7. Reno, USA

  • More than 20 casinos
  • Annual gaming revenue: unknown
  • Over 5 million tourists annually, not just those that come to casinos

Without a question, Nevada is the best spot on Earth to visit if you want to find the greatest variety of casinos worldwide. There are two enormous casino cities in the American state: Las Vegas and Reno. In this respect, Reno is the smaller brother, offering gamers a choice of roughly 20 casinos.

The Peppermill is among the greatest casinos in the city—possibly the best. You can play top-notch video poker and slots at the casino. Of course, table games like roulette, craps, and blackjack are also available.

The Grand Sierra Resort is the biggest casino. It includes a ton of slots and other table games. For those who can’t get enough of poker they offer a poker room. They also have keno and a sports area at the casino. 

Casino chip with the text Reno

6. Singapore

  • 2 casinos
  • Annual gaming revenue of around $4.7 billion USD
  • Approximately 19 million people visit casinos annually, however not all of them do

Singapore has emerged as a compelling travel destination for gamers, being one of the few nations in Asia to permit gaming. There are currently two casinos in the nation: Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands.

These two casinos are part of sizable resorts that also have hotels, dining options, retail centers, meeting spaces, and entertainment venues. Numerous games, including roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, sic bo, pai gow, and more, are available at the casinos. There are numerous electronic table games and slot machines available as well.

Casino chip with the text London

5. United Kingdom’s London

  • More than 20 casinos exist.
  • Annual gaming revenue: Imprecise
  • Over 21 million foreign visitors come to the country each year, albeit not all of them visit casinos

Twenty million tourists from other nations come to London each year, making it one of the biggest casino cities in the world. There are more than 20 casinos in the city and those who enjoy gambling most likely like to check out Aspers or Hippodrome, two of the most well-known casinos there.

Casino chip with the text Monte Carlo

4. Monaco’s Monte Carlo

  • There are roughly two casinos
  • Annual gaming revenue: Imprecise
  • Monaco welcomes over 4 million tourists a year, however not all of them go to the casinos

The most well-known casino in Monte Carlo is the Casino de Monte-Carlo, which first opened its doors in 1863. Monte Carlo is among the oldest casino cities in the world. It is not, nevertheless, the only casino in the capital of Monaco. For those who enjoy gaming, there is the Casino Café de Paris Monaco.

Monaco depends heavily on tourism as a source of revenue. Gaming earnings as well. The state owns the Casino de Monte-Carlo, and Futuremarketinginsights estimates that gaming revenues account for roughly 4% of the state’s total revenue.

It’s not just that the casino in Monte Carlo is among the oldest in the world. It is also among the most well-known, drawing in game aficionados, celebrities, and members of the nobility over time. In addition to being stunning, the casino served as the basis for numerous TV shows, films, and novels. For instance, Golden Eye, a James Bond film, was filmed in this location.

Casino chip with the text Atlantic City

3. New Jersey, USA

  • Approximately nine casinos
  • Annual gaming revenue of about $2.5 billion USD
  • Approximately 27 million people visit Atlantic City annually, however not all of them visit the casinos

Once upon a time, Atlantic City was Las Vegas’s main rival. These days, Macau has surpassed the city and it is well behind big brother. There are currently roughly nine casinos in the city, and $2.5 billion is made from gaming.

However, Atlantic City’s well-known boardwalk and casinos draw a lot of tourists. There are 27 million tourists to the city each year.

Borgata Hotel & Casino appears to be the most highly rated casino in Atlantic City, if you could only choose one. The expansive casino features an area dedicated to sports, table games, slots, betting, and poker. There are fine dining restaurants and a nightlife within the property.

Casino chip with the text Macau

2. China’s Macau

  • Over 30 casinos are present.
  • Annual gaming revenue: around US$36 billion
  • Approximately 39 million people visited in a year in 2019, not only those who went to casinos.

As a major player in the casino industry, Macau has earned the title of Asia’s Las Vegas. There are more than 30 casinos located here, drawing in about 39 million tourists a year. Many of the city’s casinos are owned by the same people and are exact replicas of those in Las Vegas. Thus, there are many parallels between Macau and Las Vegas.

The majority of gaming profits are generated in Macau, despite the fact that there are not nearly as many casinos there as in Las Vegas. Macau’s gaming earnings have eclipsed those of Las Vegas, with an approximate yearly total of $36 billion coming from gaming. Moreover, Macau is home to some of the biggest casinos in the world at the moment in terms of square footage. Currently, Macau is home to six of the world’s ten biggest casinos. In Las Vegas, none are.

Casino Lisboa was the first casino to open in Macau, having done so in 1970. Still, it isn’t the biggest casino in the city. There’s Ventetian Macau, spanning 50,725 square meters.

Casino chip with the text Las Vegas

1. Las Vegas, USA

  • There are roughly 80 casinos if you only include those in Las Vegas.
  • Annual gaming revenue: around $10 billion USD
  • Annual Visitors: Approximately 42 million, including those who do not just visit casinos

For good reason, Las Vegas is regarded as the gaming center of the world. The city has a long history of gaming and around 80 separate casinos (depending on how you count them). The first casino debuted in 1906, but gambling was outlawed a few years later. Real casino construction didn’t begin until the 1930s, when gambling became legal. Over 42 million tourists visit Vegas annually, drawing attention from some of the top casinos and hotels in the world. An approximate of $10 billion is thought to be made annually via gaming.

With a casino space of about 18,000 square meters, Wynn/Encore is currently the largest casino in Las Vegas. It is situated on The Strip, the main casino thoroughfare that runs through the city. There are more than 1,800 different slot machines, table games, poker, high roller private salons, and a sports section in this casino. The Wynn/Encore casino area is tiny, nonetheless, in comparison to the larger casinos in Macau. The size of casinos has surpassed that of Las Vegas. As we previously stated, Las Vegas is no longer home to any of the top ten casinos worldwide.

But there’s a lengthy history of gambling in Las Vegas. Golden Gate Hotel & Casino was the first casino in Las Vegas and is the oldest in the city. The Golden Gate Hotel & Casino is situated in Downtown Las Vegas, the city’s oldest district, and it opened its doors in 1906. The majority of game kinds are now available at the casino, including table games, slots, and even dance dealers at some gaming tables. At a casino that has been open for more than a century, a lot has happened throughout the years. Among other things, Golden Gate Hotel & Casino takes pride in having the biggest roulette wager in Las Vegas. The $250,000 wager was placed in 2010.

The skyline of a fictional casino town full of life

Other significant gaming cities

Ranking the top ten casino cities in the world is difficult because the results vary depending on the criterion applied. Should it depend on the amount of money wagered? What number of casinos exist? How many people come here? Furthermore, trustworthy information on this isn’t always accessible. As a result, we have chosen based on a number of different considerations. This implies that while certain casino cities are noteworthy, they might not make our list. Here are a few of these cities that are worthy of recognition.

Germany’s Baden-Baden

One of the earliest places in Germany to open a casino was Baden-Baden, and the establishment dates back to the 1800s. Among the most stunning casinos in the world, Baden-Baden has hosted a number of famous guests, including Fyodor Dostoevsky and Marlene Dietrich. A number of movies have also been filmed in the casino.

It goes without saying that one of the oldest casino cities in Europe draws tourists to Casino Baden-Baden, where you may play a variety of games like roulette, blackjack, poker, and slot machines. In addition, the casino features a nightclub, a bar, and a restaurant. At times, the casino also hosts performances and events.

Baden-Baden is a city with lots to see and do in addition to being a popular gambling destination. For instance, you can take advantage of the city’s extensive spa facilities and enjoy the hot springs.

France’s Paris

Paris is a city well-known for many things, although maybe not for gambling. Nonetheless, the city has a thriving culture surrounding gaming. Private gambling clubs have been the primary venue for poker play in Paris for a very long time. However, more conventional casinos have also begun to open in the city as a result of the changes to the gaming rules.

Things to think about while travelling overseas to casinos

It is crucial to remember that local customs and regulations may vary from those in your homeland when you visit a casino overseas. There’s no guarantee that casinos elsewhere will follow the same set of guidelines. For instance, age restrictions could change based on the nation you’re in. Furthermore, there may be variations in dress codes and customs around tipping the vendor. Prior to visiting a casino abroad, it is always a good idea to learn about the local way of life and prevent miscommunications.