Betting systems

Most people who are involved in gaming and gambling share a common dream. This dream is that one day they will crack the code that allows them to always wins over the house. Throughout gambling history it has always been a common theme for players to use various forms of betting systems, working out probabilities and odds in the hope of winning vast fortunes.

In poker, people devise systems concerning the probability about which card will come next. The odds are based on the outs a player has, that is, the cards that help a player to improve their hand to a likely winning one. The majority of professional players also use pot odds that have been developed to determine whether a player will continue in the hand or if they shall fold, depending on the amount that’s in the pot. This is of course in relation to what cards the player holds.

The casino world also developed different gaming strategies in blackjack and roulette. Often there’s talk of betting systems that are designed to help players to embark upon the road to riches. These are through various mathematical formulas that are supposed to give the player a better chance of winning over the casino. Martingale, Oscar’s Grind and Fibonacci are all betting systems that are designed to benefit any player who is looking to beat the system. The names are derived by the people who have calculated and worked out the different gaming systems.

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All gaming systems are actually based on relatively simple probability theory, about how a player should behave while actually investing money in any given casino game. Simply stated, this shows via gaming systems how much to bet, depending on whether they win or lose in the previous round. This is often expressed as if they are adding or subtracting chip value to their investment, depending on how the previous round played out.

A betting system is thus not only based upon trying to decide what will happen in the next round, as that would be seen as an impossibility. This system instead requires you to enhance the amount needed to be invested to give you the best probability of winning back your money if you happen to lose. It is not uncommon for a betting system to assume that you have a rather large bankroll to work with.

Criticisms against betting systems

Betting systems are not free from criticism but rather the contrary – they are viewed more critically than positively. Critics often talk about ”The Gambler’s Fallacy”, and say there is no solution that can stand up to the rules of the casino. Such critics advise players not to use betting systems at all, as the casino will always win sooner or later. Because roulette balls have zero memory there is no scientifically-supported theory that a ball can fall on a specific number depending on what occurred in previous rounds.

We at Casino Omega have in any case collected various betting systems that we believe to be interesting. It’s up to you to make the choice.