All to know about Android Mobile Casinos

Android was acquired by Google back in 2005. There were many skeptics out there that did not believe that making a phone operating system was a smart move for Google. Things however turned out well for google since they are now one of the largest providers of mobile software in the world. The reason why this is happening is because with the help of the Android phones, the end users will get the chance to have a phone with almost the same features as a regular iPhone, but at a smaller price.

Android Phones and Mobile Casinos

The Android phones and tablets have managed easily to start conquering the world and in only a matter of a few years millions of devices are already in use. After that it was only a matter of time before the online casinos started to launch Android compatible versions of their software so that people could enjoy playing their games while being on the move.

There is a great variety of online casinos that are currently offering an Android version and there are many other online casinos that will be launching an Android version soon. Here are some of the most popular online casinos that are currently offering a mobile Android version: Europa Casino MobileWilliam Hill Mobile och Casino Tropez Mobile.

Android Mobile Casinos - Most Popular

The Android mobile casinos are able to offer you an extraordinary gaming experience and some excellent graphics. You will get the chance to use the touch screen features that is going to make the whole online gambling experience unique and captivating. The Android mobile casinos are definitely going to become some of the most popular in this world thanks to the fact that there are able to offer you a good amount of features and at the same time the phones and tablets powered by Android are considerably cheaper than the Apple products.

Another great thing that you will get for signing up for an Android mobile casino is the fact that there are special bonuses and promotions available especially for the mobile users. And you can take advantage of these promotions even if you are already a member of the online casino. You can still claim the bonus when signing up for the mobile version.