Craps Table

A Craps table may seem confusing and hard to understand for many. It is however, important to realize how the table is designed in order to best understand the game. The table is designed to attract players who want a fast win/profit. These bets are often to the banker’s advantage and something which you, as a Craps player, should avoid. The best bets at a Craps table are so-called Odds-Bets, which do not often yield high profits unless you stand at the table for a longer period of time. This is something of a prerequisite in order to succeed at Craps, which is logical when you think about it. Odds-bets require less money in circulation during each game which also reduces the risk of losing a lot of money.

The table also offers field bet betting, which allows a self-administered stake where you personally place the chips. The bet here is decided by each throw and the advantage of the bank is 2.77 percent. There is a relatively large risk of your money disappearing quickly, not least because each round decides if you win or not.

Sometimes there are also betting squares Big 8 and Big 6. Two squares which are illegal at the casino in Atlantic City, since decision-makers feel the squares are too advantageous for the house. In other words, this is something which you, as a player, should steer clear of.

Don’t bets

The table also has something called Don’t bets placed strategically in difficult-to-reach spaces in order to prevent players from betting their money on this possibility. The reason is partly because Don’t bets is more advantageous than pass line bets and they are relatively complicated for the Dealer to perform which delays the game and thereby the chance of increasing the casino’s take/income.

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