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Slots onlinePlaying slots online is an easy way to play and gamble on the internet. Slots are the most popular online casino-style game, mainly because they are easy to play and offer the best opportunity to win a sizeable amount of cash for a small outlay.

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Massive selection of slots online

Software providers are continually releasing new slots and variations of popular slot games that already exist. There are a huge number of slots online that you can play – many hundreds in fact. Visit any online casino and typically you'll find at least 100 different slot games you can try. You will soon find one that's perfectly suited to your personal tastes.

The first slot machines originated in the 1890s and consisted of five reels covered in playing card values – the aim of the game was to land a decent poker hand, for which you would win a specified prize like a beer or a cigar. For many years slot machines still revolved around poker, and in Australia slot machines are still referred to as “pokies”.

Slot machines were always purely mechanical until electronic versions began to be marketed in the 1960s and 1970s. Some of the machines could be linked together to created massive “progressive” jackpots that could be won by playing at any of the machines on the network. Video slots first appeared in the 1980s, and if you venture into an arcade or casino today you'll find a mix of mechanical, electronic and video slots.

Naturally, with the rise of the internet, slots appearing online was the next logical progression.

The simplicity of slot machines is a huge advantage

Online slots do take some getting used to, as they are typically a little different compared to the slots you tend to see in arcades and casinos. Most online slots have five reels, and more than one pay line. In a “normal” slot machine you only have one winning line – usually across the middle – but with an online slots game you have many more possible winning lines. Some slots even have the maximum number of pay lines – 243! If this sounds confusing, just pick an online slot and play it in “demo” mode if available and you will soon pick things up.

Online slots also have many interesting features, such as bonus games and bonus rounds, free spins, wild symbols and scatter symbols. Wild symbols are symbols that you can use to complete any winning line, and scatter symbols win you prizes if enough of them land anywhere within the playing arena, and not just on one of your winning paylines. If you're unsure how to play any particular game, they always come with a detailed help file you can consult.

Relaxing game

The really great thing about online slots is that playing them can be quite relaxing yet they remain exciting. If you're playing poker or blackjack for example, you have to keep your wits about you or you will end up losing!

Slots also come with a multitude of themes and stylish designs. Some are themed on superheroes, TV & movie stars, ancient legends or just some imaginative new theme invented specially for the game. If you do happen to get bored with one particular slot, then you can simply move straight on to the next one! You're literally spoilt for choice!

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