The history and origin of Roulette

RouletteAs with most of the other casino games, there is some uncertainty about where Roulette was invented. Some say that it has its origins in an ancient Chinese game which initially involved 37 statues. It was then refined in Tibet before being adopted by French Dominican monks. The monks were supposedly responsible for changing the statues for numbers and arranging them on a wheel. Other maintain that Roulette was invented by a French scientist called Blaise Pascal in a monastery in 1655 before subsequently being introduced in French casinos.

Single Zero Roulette in France

The most popular and accepted theory, however, is that two Frenchmen, François and Louis Blanc invented Single Zero Roulette in 1842. As gambling was prohibited in France at the time, the game was introduced in Hamburg in Germany where it caught on like wildfire. François would, with the help of his son Camille, later bring the game back to France, where Charles III the Prince of Monaco had developed an interest in it, which marked the first chapter in the world famous place we know today as Monte Carlo.

Roulette reached the USA in the early 19th century and a double zero was added to the wheel. Roulette with a Single Zero and Double Zero wheel has since become known as American Roulette, even though both these Roulette variations were originally invented in France.

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