Online Poker

Online PokerFor a long time – poker games were only to be found in the back of smokey bars or casinos. But in the early 2000´s, online poker sites started to appear on the internet. People were a bit skeptical at first, but started to take online poker sites more seriously in 2003 – after an amateur poker player named Chris Moneymaker qualified to the WSOP Main Event through a $40 online satellite. After that, online poker has become a household game in the online casino game range. 

Online poker is basically the same as the traditional card game, except for the fact that it is played over the internet. The rules of poker are identical whether you´re playing live or on the internet – but there are a few key differences. For example, online poker tends to be a whole lot faster than live poker. Also, you can usually play for smaller amounts online, and the game is accessible anywhere, at any time. 

If you are an experienced poker player, it might take a while before you get used to playing poker online. You won't get to look the other players around the table in the face, which is usually a big part of the bluffing game. It's a whole new way of playing – but when you get used to it, you'll find that there are endless of opportunities when it comes to playing poker online! 

Where can I play online poker?

Nowadays, you can find online poker on most online casinos. There are some casino sites that offer slots and other casino games besides poker, as well as there are sites dedicated exclusively to poker. Decide for yourself if you prefer to have some variation while playing, or if poker is the only game for you! The sites that offer poker exclusively does usually offer more poker tournaments that the general casino sites. 

You will have to choose from hundreds of different online poker rooms that are available online. It's not hard to find a site to play poker on – but preferably you should pick one that is reliable and suiting for your playing preferences. Head over to our “Review” section in order to read more about some online casinos that offer online poker! 

Poker bonus online

 Most online poker sites offer casino bonuses to their new players, which can be something to take into consideration when choosing your new poker site. A site does typically offer new customers a cash bonus, that is added to your first deposit. This will give you extra money to play for for free! For example, a site might offer a 50% bonus on a $50 deposit – which means that you will have a total of $75 to play for. Keep an eye open for poker bonuses when you´re choosing which site to sign up to – and you might earn some extra cash to play for! 

Getting started with online poker

Getting started with playing online poker is easy, and there aren't a whole lot of things that you need. You'll need either a phone or a computer to play on – and that is basically it. The requirements for online poker are minimal, and there´s a good chance you can play on the same device that you´re using to browse this website!

First of all, you need to sign up to a poker site. Pick your favorite, sign up, make your first deposit and you´re good to go! On most poker sites, you will be offered to play at some kind of beginner table when you are new to the site. Usually, you will be limited to just one table – but  that´s not a bad thing when you´re learning to play. Beginner tables have a relatively slow pace, which will keep the sharks away! We recommend that you give the beginner table a go – regardless if this is your first time playing poker, or if you are experienced in live poker. Online poker is quite different from live poker, so trying it out without playing for real money is a good idea! 

Even for someone used to playing high-stake cash games – we recommend that you move on from the beginner tables to low-stakes poker. In the beginning, your main objective should be familiarizing with the nuances of online poker. If you start out with playing at lower stakes, you won't have to worry that much about loosing sessions. Instead, you´ll get to focus on the long term goal – which is to become a successful online poker player! 

When it comes to poker games variants on online poker sites, you'll find most of them. Texas Hold'em and Omaha are the most common ones – but you'll fins everything from Five Card Draw to Stud Hi/Lo as well. The game range and the availability is one of the biggest perks of online poker. No matter when or where, a game of poker is always within reach! 

Differences between online poker and live poker

Even though the rules of the poker game itself are the same online as it is live, there are some aspects to the game that are unique to online poker. There used to be a sharp contrast between “live poker players” and “online poker players”, because of the differences in how the respective games tend to play. There is a lot more overlap today – but there are still differences that you should be aware of. This goes especially for those who are used to playing live poker and is just getting started with online poker. 

Game pace and telling

There is one major difference between live poker and online poker – and that is the game pace. If you're an experienced live poker player that is starting out with online poker, this might be the trickiest thing to get used to. Online poker does play a whole lot faster than live poker, and some of those who prefer online poker find the live games to slow to be enjoyable. In a live cash game, you might be dealt around 20 hands per hour – but online you'll se around 50 hands per hour instead. The option to play at multiple tables at once online also adds to this, and makes it possible to play a lot more hands online than live. This will also lead to a bigger variance in game, which will lead to more prominent bankroll swings over shorter periods of time than what usually happens in live poker. 

Another thing that means a big difference in the game when it comes to online poker in comparison to live poker, it that you´re not able to see your opponents in person. The role of physical tells, that you make by looking your opponent in the eyes, gets omitted from the online game. Instead of reading a person, you will have to read a way of playing in order to tell. This might be a bit tricky at first, but this doesn't mean that there aren't any tells in online poker! 

Bet sizes, calling and folding

In live cash games, bet sizes are usually a whole lot bigger in live poker than online. Especially when it comes to pre-flop rises. In live games, it's not unusual that players open for 5x or 6x the big blind – especially in lower-stakes games. Online cash games on the other hand, most of the times, feature players opening for 2x or 3x the blind. 

That being said, in the live games you are more likely to encounter loose play – with players doing a lot of calling. This means that there are more multi-way pots occurring live, while pre-flop betting online usually leads up to heads-up situations instead. 

Post-flop things also tend to go differently online than in live poker games. Online players are more prone to make big post-flop calls with weak or mid-strength hands than live players are. In other words, big river bluffs tend to get through more often in live poker. One explanation for this could be that it is a lot easier to just click the “call” button online, than it is to make a tough call in a live poker game. Since you won't have to endure the embarrassment of guessing wrong in that situation in person, it's a whole lot easier to make such calls online! 

Online poker tournaments and satellites

The big online poker-boom happened in 2003, after a player called Chris Moneymaker won that year´s WSOP Main Event. Moneymaker had managed to qualify for the WSOP Main Event through a $40 poker satellite online – and that made people take online poker sites more seriously. Poker satellites are a form of qualifying games, and gives you the chance to get a seat in the big poker tournaments for virtually no money at all. 

A satellite tournament in poker is a qualifying event, where the winner usually win the buy-in fee to a larger, more prestigious tournament. Most satellites are online based – but they can give the winners seats in live tournaments as well, like in Chris Moneymaker´s case where he qualified for WSOP. 

Online poker tournaments are also available, and has grown popular during the last couple of years. William Hill is one of the sites that offer the best online poker tournaments. The site offers a wide range of Sit & Go´s, Multi Table Cash Tournaments, Freerolls and Satellite Tournaments – and most of them are Texas Hold'em and Omaha. William Hill does also offer some smaller tournaments for other poker variants. A poker tournament could be your way to becoming a High Roller, so why not give it a chance? Chris Moneymaker used to be an accountant working two jobs – if he could do it, anyone can!