Craps -  Hauptpersonen

In order to get a clearer picture as a reader, we will introduce you to the prerequisites for the game. The game consists of a number of different people around the table with different roles. Below, are those rolls that must be filled when playing Craps:

Shooter – The person throwing the two dice in the game is the Shooter. A Shooter must place a bet on the line.

Dealers – The table has two Dealers who keep track of one side of the craps table each. The most common function of a dealer is to place some of your bets when you have given him markers and instructions on how you want to play.

The Stickman – The Stickman is the person who keeps track of the game and calls out the result of the Shooter’s throw. He also makes sure that the Shooter receives the dice by using a long, hooked stick which reaches across the entire table. It is not unusual for him to also try baiting players to make more bets.

The Boxman – This is the Craps banker. This is the person who keeps track of all the chips. He sits across from The Stickman and between the two Dealers.

Players – It is fully possible for people around the table to play on a Shooter’s throw which in this context is called Players, or the other players.

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