Craps Game Example

To explain the different prerequisites in context, we continue the review with a small example in order to visualize the actual game.

If a Shooter rolls the dice and gets a total of 8, then 8 becomes the point number and is marked on the table. Now, the Shooter has to roll the dice and try to get a combination which totals 8, without getting the total 7, thereby winning the pass line bet. If the Shooter wins, you win what you have bet and if he fails the bank takes the bets and the dice are passed to the best player who throws a new come out roll. Losing that is throwing a 7 is called a Seven Out while success in getting a correct combination, depending on the point number, is called making your point.

With a pass line bet you have a 1.41 percent lower chance of taking home the game than the house does, that is, one of the most advantageous stakes possible at a casino. Playing on a pass line bet is actually the only thing you have to know in order to play Craps. Holding the pass line bet actually allows for a greater chance at winning than for those numerous people who choose to bet on all the different options available at a Craps table.

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