Craps - a Dice Game

CrapsBy reading the heading we probably create a number of questions in the readers. Craps? What in the world is Craps? For this reason, we decided to try and write an article about the dice game Craps and what it involves.

Craps is a dice game based on two dice, a group of active people running the game as well as a large table with a layout of printed betting structures and information. What distinguishes Craps at a casino is the atmosphere at the table. At the Craps table you will hear the highest murmuring as well as the ear-splitting roars of the winners and there is often a large crowd of people surrounding the game.

The House has very little advantage

Craps is also one of the few games where the house has very little advantage over the player, which means that if you play the game and know the strategies you have a greater chance of leaving the table as a winner. However, even if the game offers the house a small advantage, it also means one of the lowest rates of payment. If you handle the odds and know what to avoid, you have an excellent chance of becoming a good player at those casinos you choose to visit.

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